Sonic Sound Test Wiki

Hello everyone, Lisa URAQT here, but you can call me Lisa. I'm an admin here and, well, I guess you could say I'm pretty ambitious. I found this wiki a little while ago, and it wasn't very active, but I plan on changing that, haha! I want to expand this wiki a ton, to include all the instrumental themes and everything. If it works, it's gonna be awesome ^_^

I might have occasional wikiabsences because of school/ridiculous amounts of homework, you know the deal. Either way, if ya need anything, feel free to leave me a message and I'm sure I'll get it within a couple days. Cheers!

Things I Like

  • lorem ipsum (No really. This isn't a placeholder text fail. I actually like lorem ipsum. I also like foo bar/fubar but that's another story.)
  • music, especially non-English music. The words are prettier when you don't know what they mean.
  • drum'n'bass
  • Bentley Jones (I love how he talks in Japangrish all the time. ベントレー は びしょうねん ね!)
  • Japanese. based on the above bullet point, you can probably tell, huh?

Things I Don't Like

  • default userpages.
  • default anything, actually. It just looks like cruft.
  • metacrap
  • the nagging fear that my attempts at using hacker slang in order to look cooler are erroneous and some real hacker is calling me stupid using jargon that's SO much cooler than mine

Habits of Mine

  • whenever someone texts me "wat r u doing" (or an equivalent; there are as many different versions of the question as there are ways to misspell each), I always answer with the most interesting thing I've done in the past three days, rather than what I'm actually doing at the moment. Right now? I'm attempting to write a song in Portuguese on a whiteboard with a partially melted Crayola.
  • typing all my song lyrics in iTunes without using capitals. It's my rebellion against language. Or something. I think it looks cooler that way, but then I kick myself every time I try to copy-paste my iTunes lyrics onto, say, a lyrics wiki (such as this one. funny how these things work out, eh?) and I have to manually go back and capitalize everything.