Sonic Underground is the theme song of the 1999 television show with the same name.

Lyrics Edit

Triplets born, the throne awaits
A seer warns of a deathly fate
"Give up your children, separate"
"Bind your time, lie in wait!"


Sonic Underground (Sonic)
Sonic Undeground (Sonic)
They made a vow, their mother will be found!
The children grow and learn what's right
Leaders of the freedom fight
They seek their mother, she knows they do
Is it time? If she only knew!
Will the prophechy come true?!
Sonic Underground (Sonic)
Sonic Underground... (Sonic)
Aleena: "I long for my children, but I have to wait. To act too soon could seal their fate..."
They made a vow, their mother will be found
Sonic Underground!

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