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Seven Rings in Hand is the main theme of Sonic and the Secret Rings and first track on the soundtrack album. The song was performed by Steve Conte and written by Rumblebee, the same artist behind the Sonic Riders themes. The song appears in numerous places with the most prominent being the final battle. Crush 40 have composed their own version of the song.

The "Seven Rings" in the title is a reference to the seven World Rings of the game.

Bentley Jones did a remix of the song in Sonic and the Black Knight: Face to Faith titled Seven Rings in Hand ~Fairytales in Trance~.


Make believe's reborn
Myths, in mind, re-thought
Question all that's known
Legends blurred and torn


No such thing as fate for those who speed
A path out of time, instead of just living it
So many things erased before they begin
Hopes un-dream, instead of what could have been

Fortune fades, like words in the sand
Just like that, it's nothing, it all just seems
Nothing, it all just seems
Fortune shines, with seven in hand
Back to fact, make real of all that seems
Make real of all that seems

Seven rings in hand
Speed through nights with feet in sand
Seven rings in hand
Wonders all under command
Seven rings in hand
Wild with just one single hand
Seven rings in hand
Arrowed hearts catch fire now


No such thing as an arrow through who dreams
Hopes may burden, but, forever, last to give in
So many things need a push or pull to begin
Un-free to move unless another hand gets in

Be it all the same, it's never the same
Just like that, just nothing, it's all just means
(Nothing, it all just means)
If all as is, then it's never as is
Back to fact, make real of all that seems
(Make real of all that seems)


Memories that dance
Fairy tales in trance
Know what to believe
Nothing's up to chance




Seven rings in hand
Nights with feet in sand
Seven rings in hand... Seven rings in hand


Seven seas in hand
Speed of sound through sands
All our hopes and plans
In one single hand

Music Video

thumb|300px|left|The original "Seven Rings In Hand". thumb|300px|right|Crush 40's version of the song. thumb|300px|right|Bentley Jones' remix, Fairytales in Trance.