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This is a list of Sonic the Hedgehog series music.

Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

Sonic the Hedgehog uses the on-board Zilog Z80 and Yamaha YM2612 synthesizer sound chip to produce a variety of stereo sound effects and music. The game has been praised for its dynamic music, composed by Masato Nakamura, a member of the popular J-Pop band, Dreams Come True.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

From the Sonic 2 options screen, the player can access a sound test that allows them to listen to any music or sound effects from the game. Among these is a music track, Track 10, that is not used in-game. It was generally assumed that this piece of music was for a level deleted from the final game, an assumption that is supported by using Game Genie to access the remnants of the incomplete Hidden Palace Zone.

Sonic 3

According to STI director Roger Hector, Michael Jackson was brought in initially during development to compose music for the game. However, due to the scandals that arose around Jackson at the time, his involvement was removed from the title, and much reworking had to be done.[1] These claims are dubious, however, and various interviews have made it clear that any involvement Jackson may have had was done without the knowledge of Sega's executives or marketing staff, and no contracts or formal agreements had ever been made.[2] James Hansen, of Sonic Stuff Research Group, retorts that Cirocco (credited as "Scirocco" in Sonic 3) still has possession of presumably a demo version of fabled soundtrack. "I actually have "ALL" of the tracks...," he writes, "from the original humming of Michael calling in the middle of the night leaving messages, to his ideas at Record One with Matt and Bruce. - BUT, I don't think I can let any of that out to the public without permission." [2]

Sonic CD

Japanese/European Opening Theme
"Sonic -You Can Do Anything-" by Keiko Utoku
Japanese/European Ending Theme
"Cosmic Eternity - Believe in Yourself" by Keiko Utoku
American Opening Theme
"Sonic Boom" by Pastiche

*The American Ending Theme for the American version is also "Sonic Boom" but the tempo and lyrics are quite different from the opening version.

Sonic 3D Blast

Sega Saturn Main Theme
"You're My Hero" by Debbie Morris

Sonic R

Main Theme
"Super Sonic Racing" by T.J. Davis
Resort Beach
"Can You Feel the Sunshine?" by T.J. Davis
Radical City
"Living in the City" by T.J. Davis
Regal Ruin
"Back in Time" by T.J. Davis
Reactive Factory
"Work It Out" by T.J. Davis
Radiant Emerald
"Diamond in the Sky" by T.J. Davis
Ending Theme
"Number One" by T.J. Davis

Sonic Adventure

Main article: Sonic Adventure Vocal mini-Album (Songs with Attitude)

Sonic Adventure Remix

Sonic Adventure Remix is a remix album that contains industrial based Remixes of the Theme Songs from the Sonic Adventure video game[3]. The album usually contains more than one different type of remix of the theme songs, including a fast paced instrumental version of Open Your Heart . However, none of these remixed songs appeared in the game.

Knuckles' Theme
"Unknown From M.E." by Kevin Moore & Steve Tushar
Amy's Theme
"My Sweet Passion" by Kevin Moore & Steve Tushar
Amy's Theme
"My Sweet Passion" by Chris Vrenn & Mark Blasques
Main Theme
"Open Your Heart" by Transmutator & Razed in Black
Tails' Theme
"Believe in Myself" by Transmutator
Big's Theme
"Lazy Days ~ Livin' In Paradise" by Mark Pistel
Main Theme
"Open Your Heart" by Chris Randall & Van Christie
Tails' Theme
"Believe In Myself" by Matt Greene
Knuckles' Theme
"Unknown From M.E." by Cevin Key
Main Theme
"Open Your Heart" by Chris Vrenna & Mark Blasques

Sonic Adventure 2


Main Theme
"Live And Learn" by Crush 40
Sonic's Theme
"It Doesn't Matter" (remake) by Tony Harnell & Ted Poley
Shadow's Theme
"Throw It All Away" by Everett Bradley
Tails' Theme
"Believe in Myself" (remake) by Kaz Silver
Eggman's Theme
"E.G.G.M.A.N." by Paul Shortino
Knuckles' Theme
"Unknown From M.E." (remake) by Marlon Saunders & Hunnid-P
Rouge's Theme
"Fly in the Freedom" by Tabitha Fair & Todd Cooper
Amy's Theme
"My Sweet Passion" (remake) by Nikki Gregoroff


City Escape
"Escape from the City" by Ted Poley & Tony Harnell
Wild Canyon
"Kick the Rock" by Hunnid-P
Pumpkin Hill
"A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup" by Hunnid-P
Aquatic Mine
"Dive into the Mellow" by Hunnid-P
Death Chamber
"Deeper" by Hunnid-P
Meteor Herd
"Space Trip Steps" by Hunnid-P
White Jungle
"Rhythm and Balance" by Everett Bradley
Final Chase
"The Supernatural" by Everett Bradley
Sonic vs. Shadow (Final)
"For True Story" by Everett Bradley
Shadow vs. Biolizard
"Supporting Me" by Everett Bradley

Sonic Heroes

Main Theme
"Sonic Heroes" by Crush 40
Team Sonic's Theme
"We Can" by Ted Poley & Tony Harnell
Team Dark's Theme
"This Machine" by Julien-K
Team Rose's Theme
"Follow Me" by Kay Hanley
Team Chaotix's Theme
"Team Chaotix" by Gunnar Nelson
Team Super vs. Metal Overlord
"What I'm Made Of" by Crush 40

Shadow the Hedgehog

Main Theme
"I Am...All of Me" by Crush 40
Dark Theme
"Almost Dead" by Powerman 5000
Neutral Theme
"Waking Up" by Julien-K
Hero Theme
"Chosen One" by Mona Lisa Overdrive
Pure Hero Theme
"All Hail Shadow" by Magna-Fi
Ending Theme
"Never Turn Back" by Crush 40
Eggman's Theme
"E.G.G.M.A.N. Doc Robotnik Mix" by Remix Factory

Sonic Riders

Main Theme
"Sonic Speed Riders" by Runblebee
Theme Song of the Babylon Rogues
"Catch Me If You Can" by Runblebee

Sonic the Hedgehog

Main Theme
"His World" by Matty Lewis & Ali Tabatabaee from Zebrahead
His World ~Zebrahead Version~ by Zebrahead
His World (Crush 40 Mix) by Crush 40
Sonic's Theme
"SWEET DREAM ('06 AKON Mix)" (The English version of "SWEET SWEET SWEET ('06 AKON Mix)")
Silver's Theme
"Dreams of an Absolution" By Lee Brotherton (Remix Factory)
"Dreams of an Absolution ~LB vs JS Remix~" remixed by Jun Senoue
"Dreams of an Absolution K-Klub Remix
"Dreams of an Absolution Nightlife Remix
Shadow's Theme
"All Hail Shadow" (Remixed/Remake) by Crush 40
Elise's Theme
"My Destiny" by Donna De Lory
"My Destiny" Karaoke by Donna De Lory

Sonic and the Secret Rings

Main Theme
"Seven Rings In Hand" by Runblebee and Steve Conte
"Seven Rings In Hand (Crush 40 Version)" by Crush 40
Ending Theme
"Worth a Chance" by Runblebee and Steve Conte
Sand Oasis BGM
"Let the Speed Mend It" by Runblebee
Dinosaur Jungle BGM
"The Wicked Wild" by Runblebee
Evil Foundry BGM
"The Palace That Was Found" by Runblebee
Levited Ruins
"High and Broken" by Runblebee
Pirate Storm BGM
"No Way Through" by Runblebee
Skeleton Dome BGM
"The White of Sky" by Runblebee
Night Palace BGM
"Unawakening Float" by Runblebee
Sand Scorpion Boss Music
"Poison Spear" by Runblebee
Ifrit Golem Boss Music
"How it Started" by Runblebee
Captain Bemoth Boss Music
"Blue On The Run" by Runblebee
Erazor Djinn Boss Music
"It Has Come To This" by Runblebee

Sonic Rush Adventure

Main Theme
"A New Venture" by Tahirih Walker

Sonic Rivals 2

Main Theme
"Race to Win" by Ted Poley

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Theme Of Sonic
"Un-Gravitify" by Cashell
"Un-Gravitify Electro Extended Mix"
Theme Of Jet
"Catch Me If You Can"* by Runblebee

*A new remix of the original version from Sonic Riders.

Sonic Unleashed

Main Theme
"Endless Possibility" by Jaret Reddick
Ending Theme
"Dear My Friend" by Brent Cash

Sonic and the Black Knight

Main Theme
"Knight of the Wind" by Crush 40
Knight of the Round Table Fight Theme
"Through the Fire" by Crush 40
Black Knight Fight Theme
"Fight the Knight" by Crush 40
Final Boss Theme
"With Me" by All Ends
End Theme
"Live Life" by Crush 40
Other Songs
"Seven Rings in Hand" covered by Bentley Jones
"With Me" covered by Crush 40

*These two songs are only available in the official soundtrack, "Face to Faith".

Sonic Free Riders

Main theme
"Free" by Chris Madin

Sonic Colors

Main theme
"Reach For The Stars" by Cash Cash
Ending theme
"Speak With Your Heart" by Cash Cash

Sonic Forces

Main theme
"Fist Bump" by Douglas Robb
Infinite's Theme
"Infinite" by Dangerkids

Team Sonic Racing

Main theme

​​​​​​"Green Light Ride" by Crush 40


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