Chosen One
Album artwork and audio
Shadow the Hedgehog
Artists A2
Danny "Odyssey" Parker (vocals)
Kyle Keiderling (guitar)
Genre Rock
BPM 79
Associated with Shadow

Chosen One is the Hero ending theme from the game Shadow The Hedgehog. The song has the most melancholy structure of any of the game's songs, fitting with one of the two hero endings where Shadow walks away from Vector and Black Doom, depressed about his 'destructive nature' and wishing he had never been created. It is performed by A2.

Lyrics Edit

I can't remember...
Anything at all...
I've been turning it all around.
I'm sorry...
Oh so sorry... Is this what I have become?

Wish I may,
Wish I might,
Be someone else tonight!
Sometime I wish I was never born at all...
And I'll try to save the world,
Cause in the end I know... I'm the chosen ONE!

I'm the chosen one...

I can't remember...
What I used to be...
Something's turning me upside down.
You made me...
And I loved you...
But I can't change the things I've done! (I'm the chosen one.)


The Ch-Ch-Ch-Chosen One...


The chosen one...
(I'm the chosen one...)

Music Video Edit

Shadow-The Chosen One

Shadow-The Chosen One